FOOTPOOL: Is a pool game that we play on a pool table with soccer rules.

In order to play FOOTPOOL, we need 3 accessories, namely:

  1. A green felt delineated by soccer boundaries. This felt has to be laid on top of the pool table just beneath the pool cushions.
  2. Two adjustable nets that are placed in the middle facing each other on opposing sides.
  3. A billiard ball with a diameter that is smaller than the other pool balls that will represent the soccer ball.

Once the 3 accessories are installed, you are then ready to play FOOTPOOL.

SOCCERPOOL Is a pool game that we play on a pool table with soccer rules. It's a game in which the players take turns shooting the ball. It is essentially a game where 2 teams, consisting of 8 players on each team (i.e. traditional 8 pool balls representing the players) square off against each other, stripes against solids. The White ball is the Goalkeeper of the Stripes Team and the 8 ball is the Goalkeeper of the Solid Team. The purpose of the game is to score on the opposing team by using the pool cue to hit any one of the team’s 8 players in order to hit the soccer ball into the opposing team’s net. The game of SOCCERPOOL follows as much as possible the traditional rules of soccer.

Before starting the match, each player has to place strategically his pool balls (players) on his side of the table (Goal Keeper, defenders, and strikers).