In South America in my early teens I used to very often play soccer with my friends, but when the rainy season came we used to get bored and so we came up with this idea to create a soccer game on a carpet that is a half meter by 1 meter in dimension (38’ by 20’) with 2 goalies on opposite sides. White lines were drawn to simulate the boundaries of a real soccer field.

Using 11 marbles for each team as players while kicking a smaller plastic ball (i.e. soccer ball) with the purpose of making passes between them and ultimately to score on the opposing team.

It was so fun to play this game that we continued to play even after the rainy season was over.

So about a year ago I woke up with the memory of this fun game that popped up in my head, so I wanted to recreate this game somehow. Therefore, I thought that the most similar and closest game that was conducive to bringing my idea to fruition was merging pool with soccer in the context of the presiding rules of soccer.